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What Makes U-I Engagement Effective?

thumbs-upThe Effective U-I Engagement Practices Project team is looking for input about how organizations make their university-industry engagements work. The Project team will use your input in their working group session at the upcoming Project Summit. What can you tell us?

At some point, every UIDP member organization undergoes internal reorganization and attempts to make their university-industry (U-I) engagement practices more efficient and effective. We’ve just launched a new UIDP project to identify the top three to five characteristics that make companies and universities easy to work with respectively, and need a few minutes of your time to answer three short questions to help the working group at this year’s Project Summit meeting (January 21-22).

Please respond to the following, and feel free to share the questions with your colleagues to solicit their input too. The information you provide will be anonymized before it is shared with the Project working group.

Think about the corporate/university partner you feel your company/university works with best.

  • What makes you want to work with a particular university/industry partner? What characteristics, features, or practices make a corporate/university partner easy to work with?

Now, imagine the reverse.

  • What is the one practice that your most challenging university/industry partner could change to improve the relationship?

Please send your input by Monday, January 18 to Kristina at