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Blog: Public funding moves research enterprise from pause to fast-forward

By Anthony Boccanfuso The pandemic ramped up new research in vaccines, therapeutics, personal protective gear, and other R&D to mitigate its effects. But for nearly two years, a wide swath of non-COVID research were impacted—because of changes in resource allocation, pandemic-imposed isolation, lack of access to facilities, and a gap in support systems researchers and […]


Why it’s challenging for industry to engage in government research collaboration

By Kristina Thorsell UIDP Senior Project Advisor Two panel discussions from the UIDP Triple Helix Days event held in October get to the heart of the barriers and challenges for industry engagement in government research collaboration—whether independently or, more often, with an academic partner. The panelists spoke candidly about their experiences and offered tangible examples […]


Doing business during the pandemic: Partnering with public health for greater impact

By Anthony Boccanfuso “If companies own the responsibility and opportunity to lead in their community, and if they use this information from public health to do it, it will be good for their employee health, and it will be good for their mental health. And ultimately, it will be good for the company's business.”  – [...] READ MORE

COVID-19 makes the case: Lower research barriers

By Anthony Boccanfuso On January 20, before COVID-19 even had a name, a research consortium publicly posted the virus’s genome with a message to researchers to download, share, use, and analyze the data. In 10 weeks, the first vaccine, developed by the University of Oxford and Moderna, began Phase 1 trial. Last month, that vaccine [...] READ MORE

Name-dropping, with a purpose

By Anthony Boccanfuso UIDP started a new fiscal year July 1 by welcoming two non-U.S.-based university members. Karolinska Institutet is not only ranked among the top global institutes for medical education and research, it is also the home base for the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine. It is well known for its industry partnerships [...] READ MORE

When the old ways don’t work, we create new ways

By Anthony Boccanfuso When the old ways don’t work anymore, we create new ways. The COVID-19 crisis is a prime opportunity to forge entirely new pathways to ensure the R&D engine keeps humming. UIDP hosted a lively webinar this week on the future of collaborative partnerships; 495 registrants heard from a panel of research and [...] READ MORE

Fast and furious

By Anthony Boccanfuso The pace and intensity of innovation in the current environment is a curious thing. As a society, we are keenly attuned to daily changes in the trajectory of the COVID-19 pandemic. Every week seems to set a new speed limit end with a new lifestyle reality that would have seemed alien the […]


Squeezing the lemons

By Anthony Boccanfusso These are extraordinary times. The unprecedented cancellation this week of everything from university classes to the NCAA Basketball Tournament wasn’t even on the radar 10 days ago. Last Friday, UIDP canceled our spring conference. Recognizing the value of the content and the preparation our speakers had already invested, we announced our first […]


Can we keep science open?

Academic research leads weigh in to the debate on foreign collaboration By Anthony Boccanfuso Open science is an academic research tradition. So is the practice of recruiting the best students from around the world to conduct research while earning degrees at American universities. But the tradition of open science has been taking hits over the […]


The Future of Work: Questions that need answers

By Anthony Boccanfuso On Wednesday morning, I’ll meet with colleagues in Framingham, MA, at the Bose Corporation for our sixth Future of Work at the Human Technology Frontier session in as many weeks. Our goal for this week’s National Science Foundation-sponsored event, and the events leading up to it, is to convene academic, corporate and […]