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Workshop Infographic and Recording: Re-envisioning Collaborative Research Environments

This workshop explored new ways in which the design of shared, co-location and start-up collaboration spaces support optimized research in the post-COVID-19 era. Experts in R&D investment, development, planning and design shared how the pandemic has—more than ever—shaped thinking around the importance of collaborative spaces in research environments. The session featured a panel discussion on investment and development priorities as well as an engagement session where participants identified and re-imagined design elements desired by academic and industry investigators who want to feel safe while realizing their success requires areas for serendipitous collaboration.

infographic with text and images

Click on the image to download the infographic.

Originally aired
Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Re-envisioning Collaborative Research Environments


  • Chris Buddle, McGill University
  • Kevin Byrne, The University Financing Foundation (TUFF)
  • Lynne Deninger, CannonDesign
  • Chris Lambert, CannonDesign
  • Mark Schmidt, North Carolina State University
  • David Tyndall, Collaborative Real Estate, LLC