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Companies and universities are seeking better ways to strike collaborations between the sectors. These timely materials, with recordings created Sept. 21-25 during UIDPConnect 2020, are curated for contracting professionals to support your work. Click on the session titles for timely insight from speakers representing Princeton, Microsoft, Georgia Tech, VMware, University of Arizona, UIDP contracting consultant Elaine Brock, Yale, MIT, and more.

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New to U-I contracting? New to UIDP? This session covers the basics of industry-sponsored research contracts and highlights the wealth of knowledge that UIDP has amassed on this topic.

Jilda Garton – UIDP Senior Fellow

Steve Harsy – Director, Contracting Services, University of Arizona

UIDP hosted a 7-week Discussion Series in early 2020 on the impact of COVID-19 on U-I collaboration. This session revisits the questions that were posed at the beginning of the outbreak to determine if new lessons were learned or new challenges posed by the “new normal.” The focus of the discussion was on contracting and partnership management topics.

Elizabeth Adams – Director, Office of Research & Project Administration, Princeton University

Jarrett Ellis – Associate Director, Industry Contracting, Georgia Tech Research Corporation

David Ott – Sr. Staff Researcher and Academic Program Director, VMware

Kristina Thorsell – Project Advisor, UIDP

Associated Resources: UIDP COVID-19 Response Report

Have you ever had to change the scope of work of a funded project before it’s completed? Is it possible to plan ahead and include terms in the project agreement that allow that to happen easily and knowingly? What can you consider in advance? Are there ways to avoid the need to amend the SOW in the first place? There are consequences to amending or not amending the SOW. In this lively discussion, contracting pros consider the quesitons and discuss best practices.

Elaine Brock – President and Senior Partner, Contracts, Compliance, and Conflict of Interest Authority LLC

Jilda Garton – UIDP Senior Fellow

Chris Feuerstein – L3 Harris Corp.

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What are your hard-to-crack contracting questions? This session taps into the know-how of contracting experts from universities and industry to address current challenges.

Sophia Herbert-Petersen – Director of Industry Collaborations, Georgia Tech Research Corporation

Ty Helpinstill – Associate Director, UT Austin

Brian Lea – University Collaboration & Strategy Lead, The Boeing Company

Jilda Garton – UIDP Senior Fellow

Increasingly, technology companies are offering innovative research award programs to foster collaboration and innovation with academia. These programs call attention to valuable and promising bodies of research and provide opportunities to build connections between leading academic and industry scientists. While many of these programs are announced as “unrestricted gifts,” there is a trend to add terms, conditions, and additional criteria, making it difficult for universities to process these awards as intended by the funders. This session invites a distinguished panel to explore these programs and the mutual value they offer to faculty, universities, and industry; to share experiences on goals and objectives; and to discuss and explore differences in our administrative systems and requirements to better facilitate the management of these valuable programs.

Kathy Lynch – University Director, Corporate Strategy and Engagement, Yale University

Michael Leskiw – International Agreements, Strategic Alliances, MIT

Michael Hodges – Associate Director of Corporate Engagement and Foundation Relations, Princeton

Jim Pinkelman – Senior Director, Microsoft Research

Deborah Stokes – Leader, External Research, Office of the CTO, Dell

Industry personnel are present on university campuses in a variety of ways, from visiting professors and adjunct faculty, to serving in an advisory capacity to certain programs or students. In this session, we identify the ways in which intellectual property, export control, and other contracting considerations are impacted by each role that industry may have.

Robin Beach – Director, Pre-Award Sponsored Programs Administration, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Erin Hall – Strategic Transactions Officer, Office of Strategic Alliances & Technology Transfer, MIT

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