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Contract Accords

Guiding principles on 17 aspects of industry sponsored research agreements

Each Accord identifies a common area that requires clarity and forethought in U-I sponsored research contracts. The Accords provide practical guidance and insight into how parties can address topics in mutually beneficial ways.

The Contract Accords are open to the public and can be accessed below. Please refer to the copyright and disclosure statement for UIDP Contract Accords usage and rights. Some of the Contract Accords have undergone revision since their original publication in 2012-2013. The Accords here are the result of a 2020 comprehensive review and revision process.

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Contract AccordSee Contract Accord
Contract Accord 0: Preamble - Good Faith in Fair DealingView Now
Contract Accord 1: Statement of WorkView Now
Contract Accord 2: Liability, Indemnification, and WarrantiesView Now
Contract Accord 3: PublicationView Now
Contract Accord 4: Other Research Results View Now
Contract Accord 5: Background Intellectual PropertyView Now
Contract Accord 6: Foreground Intellectual PropertyView Now
Contract Accord 7: Export ControlView Now
Contract Accord 8: Copyrights View Now
Contract Accord 9: Disclosure and Protection of Confidential Information View Now
Contract Accord 10: Material Transfer Agreements View Now
Contract Accord 11: GiftsView Now
Contract Accord 12: BudgetingView Now
Contract Accord 13: Specialized Services/Testing AgreementsView Now
Contract Accord 14: DataView Now
Contract Accord 15: Conflict of InterestView Now
Contract Accord 16: Software View Now

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Additional Reading*

Indirect Cost on Gifts, Cornell University, Division of Financial Affairs, Accounting

This page offers an breakdown of how accounting may handle indirect cost recovery for gifts. The information is specific to Cornell University’s model but may be used for reference.

*The resources listed in this section are not intended to represent an endorsement by UIDP. Rather, these articles have been compiled to assist UIDP member representatives in accessing information that relates to the content of this UIDP Project.

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