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UIDP Members Participating in myUIDP Beta Testing

UIDP member reps involved and engaged in myUIDP beta test as we work towards launching a great new tool for UIDP members

This year, we’ll be launching myUIDP, an online platform to help our members get the most out of their membership in UIDP, as individuals and organizations. The myUIDP beta test is underway. (Read more about what UIDP members will be able to do in myUIDP here.)

Join us today in the myUIDP beta test

We started beta testing in the fall with members of several committees, giving us the opportunity to test the platform before we roll it out, and want to give other UIDP members a chance to participate. Member input in the platform will help ensure everything works the way we want it to before we launch. Contact Angie to participate. (myUIDP is only available to our members. Find out more about membership in UIDP here.)

So many features we can’t wait for you to try!

The first thing you will do as a beta tester (and user, when we launch) is create a myUIDP profile.

myUIDP screen capture of profile page

When you create your profile, you enter information in much the same way you do on any other social platform (think LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.), including information that indicates your preferences and areas of interest. This helps us, and you, tailor the information you see in the system going forward.

myUIDP screen capture of profile options to select

Once your profile is set up, the fun starts!

A great first step is building your network within the platform.

Active members’ posts will populate on your “My Feed” Page allowing you to communicate and request to “connect” with other Beta Testers (and other members after we launch).

myUIDP screen capture of My Feed page

 You can also find other UIDP members within myUIDP’s Directory, where you can search by Name and Group (shown), and by Country and Location (not shown).

myUIDP screen capture of Directory page

Once you’ve connected with people, they’ll show up in your Connections.

myUIDP screen capture of My Connections page

An important reason we are launching myUIDP is to help our members better collaborate online, in-between UIDP events.

The myUIDP Groups are a feature we’re going to be using a lot, especially for Projects and Committees.

myUIDP screen capture of My Groups page

Using the Groups functionality, we’ll be able to put all the information pertinent to a Project or a Committee into one place making it easier to stay up to date, access information, and connect and collaborate with other members and UIDP staff.

Our C-Comm (Communication Committee) used the space on their last committee call to access documents as well as pages dedicated to activities the C-Comm is currently engaged in.

myUIDP screen capture of C-Comm Group page

This is just a quick teaser of what’s coming with myUIDP. If you want more, sign up to be a beta tester!

myUIDP: facilitating member connections all year long