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1-Minute Survey | Time to Agreement for U-I Sponsored Research

Two researchers—one from academia and the other from industry—meet around shared research interests and decide to pursue collaboration. How long does it take to get to a negotiated, signed sponsored research agreement? The 2012 UIDP publication The Researcher Guidebook: A Guide for Successful Institutional-Industrial Collaborations begins with this real-life scenario. The “long and convoluted process” […]


New Member Spotlight: Underwriters Laboratories

UIDP welcomes Underwriters Laboratories as a new member organization. We spoke with Chris Cramer, senior vice president and chief research officer, about Underwriters Laboratories’ goals for membership in UIDP. UL Research partners with a wide variety of stakeholders to ensure its work is both relevant and advances its public safety mission. UIDP: What is Underwriters […]


Recruitment or alliance management? Engagement execs play balancing act

Excerpted from the February 2022 issue of University-Industry Engagement Advisor. UIDP members can view the entire issue here. Given the limited resources available at most corporate engagement offices, few managers have sufficient bandwidth to commit as much time, dollars, and staff as they’d like to both creating new industry partnerships and nurturing and expanding existing […]


UIDP Projects Survey | Size of Academic R&D Investments from Industry

Companies with a keen interest in collaborative research have limited information upon which to base investment levels in external R&D efforts. Although government investment in research is well documented, similar investment from industry is not fully known. UIDP is exploring a benchmarking project to better understand the levers used to determine investment in university-industry research. […]


UIDP Spring 2022: Two can’t miss in-person meetings

Join us in Atlanta to strengthen engagement and boost your partnerships! Connecting with colleagues and building relationships that lead to high-impact research collaborations are two great reasons to come to UIDP’s first in-person conference since 2019. For 15 years, UIDP’s hallmark has been strengthening university-industry collaborations. In March 2022, we’re offering two can’t-miss opportunities for [...] READ MORE

New Member Spotlight: HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology

UIDP welcomes the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology as a new member organization. UIDP spoke with Mary Shirley-Howell, director of business recruitment, and Percy Goode, director of business development, about HudsonAlpha’s goals for membership in UIDP. HudsonAlpha has a three-fold mission of conducting genomics-based research to improve human health and wellbeing; sparking entrepreneurship and economic development; […]


Industry-trained engagement managers overcome ‘cultural conflict’ with universities

Excerpted from the January 2022 issue of University-Industry Engagement Advisor. UIDP members can view the entire issue here. A clear trend has emerged in industry engagement offices, where leadership hiring is decidedly in the direction of those coming out of industry as opposed to academia. The new industry-groomed faces bring with them a natural question [...] READ MORE

Experts offer guidance for navigating the choppy waters of data use agreements

Excerpted from the December 2021 issue of University-Industry Engagement Advisor. UIDP members can view the entire issue here. “Data’s a big deal; the issues are constantly changing,” said Elaine L. Brock, JD, MHSA, president and senior partner in Contracts, Compliance, and Conflict of Interest Authority LLC (C3Authority), addressing participants in the recent “Data Use Agreements” […]


New Member Spotlight: RTI International

  UIDP welcomes RTI International as a new member organization. RTI International is an independent, nonprofit research institute dedicated to improving the human condition. It works to address complex social and scientific challenges on behalf of governments, businesses, foundations, universities, and other clients and partners. Jacqueline M. Olich, Ph.D., vice president, university collaborations, provided responses […]


MagCorp creates “Shared IP Model” to help simplify partnership structure

Excerpted from the November 2021 issue of University-Industry Engagement Advisor. UIDP members can view the entire issue here. Magnetics Corporation (MagCorp), a new company co-founded by alumni of Florida State University, has established what it asserts is a unique model for university-industry partnership, highlighted by a “Shared IP Model” that pre-designates the division of IP […]