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UIDP Survey | Employing Post-Doctoral Researchers in Industry

UIDP recently fielded a one-minute survey with our industry members about employing post-doctoral researchers: how common are industry-based programs dedicated to this practice?

While most of our 22 respondents said they did not have such a program, about one in four (23%) said they did. A fair proportion of respondents (18%) said they hired post-doctoral researchers, but did not have a formal program. See the research results.

Strong interest in industry-based post-doctoral research programs has prompted UIDP to begin a new project group on these programs. If you’re interested in identifying best practices and sharing your perspective, please let us know by emailing

Program Examples:

Further Insight

The article, “A Different Kind of Postdoc Experience” highlights the advantages of this type of program. It references the National Academies of Science publication, The Postdoctoral Experience Revisited.

Recent articles/blogs from the postdoc’s perspective:

Posted May 12, 2020