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UIDPVirtual 2021

UIDPVirtual 2021 will feature an agenda packed with curated topics presented by an outstanding set of international thought leaders and academic and corporate practitioners in the research partnership space.


Collaboration Opportunities in Water Research: How Scientists Can Partner with Baxter (2020)

This webinar shares how to maximize the value of Intellectual Property (IP) via broad and deep patent strategies.

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UIDP Contracting Forum 2020

Discover the keys to successful U-I research contract negotiations at the UIDP Contracting Forum – a two-day workshop designed for industry and academic contracting professionals.


UIDP Webinar: Maximizing Value via Broad, Deep IP Strategies (2020)

This webinar shares how to maximize the value of Intellectual Property (IP) via broad and deep patent strategies.


UIDP Contracting Forum Speaker Spotlight: Lesley Millar-Nicholson, MIT

Lesley Millar-Nicholson has been director of the MIT Technology Licensing Office (TLO) since July 2016, and recently also became director of catalysts in MIT’s newly-formed Office of Strategic Alliances and Technology Transfer (OSATT). At UIDP’s Contracting Forum, she will discuss current approaches to reducing negotiation times, and she will also be featured in a fireside [...] READ MORE

UIDP Contracting Forum 2020: “The relationships are indispensable”

Why should a contracting pro attend UIDP’s Contracting Forum 2020? Jarrett Ellis, senior associate, Georgia Tech Research Corporation, tells us why. It's more than learning about the newest practices and trends from top practitioners. It's also about the relationships developed and nurtured at UIDP events. Could you or a colleague benefit from two days of [...] READ MORE

UIDP Contracting Forum Speaker Spotlight: Mark Ralph, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals

Mark Ralph is executive director and global head, contracts & alliance management, of Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. He will present on the panel, “Getting to Yes: What Leading Companies and Universities are doing to Reduce Negotiation Times” at the UIDP Contracting Forum. UIDP: What is a common factor that slows down negotiating a U-I contract [...] READ MORE

UIDP Contracting Forum Speaker Spotlight: Sophia Herbert-Peterson, Georgia Tech Research Corporation

Sophia Herbert-Peterson is director of industry contracting for Georgia Tech Research Corporation, the contracting entity for sponsored research at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She will present a session on foreground and background intellectual property at the UIDP Contracting Forum 2020. UIDP: What is one pearl of wisdom you wish you knew earlier in your [...] READ MORE

UIDP Contracting Forum Speaker Spotlight: Elizabeth Adams, Princeton University

Elizabeth H. Adams is director of the Office of Research and Project Administration at Princeton University. She will present sessions at UIDP Contracting Forum 2020 on master agreements, visiting scholar/research agreements and service agreements. UIDP: What are some of the benefits of master research agreements for industry and university partners? Adams: The first and perhaps [...] READ MORE

Contracting Connection

The UIDP ( is pleased to announce a new monthly learning webinar forum for member representatives charged with negotiating industry sponsored research agreements. This series features contracting or engagement issues that are currently trending, emerging, or just generally challenging. Join us on January 9, 2018 from 1-2 p.m. to discuss Visiting Scholars from Private Industry. Have an idea […]