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Tag Archives: economic development

Anchoring Inclusive Innovation to HBCUs: Co-creation with Communities and Corporations

This webinar will provide a first-hand narrative of the Community Open Innovation partnership that has led to the relaunch of Morehouse College’s MakerSpace with support from Microsoft.


UIDP Webinar: Running to Stand Still – Legislative Realities for the New Administration and 117th Congress

Join us for the Feb 10 webinar to explore major federal research and economic development initiatives on the horizon and the road to passage in the 117th Congress.


The Who, Why, and What of UIDP23

UIDP meetings seek to assist participants in understanding the tactical side of university-industry collaboration. Meeting attendees are looking to learn about the specific details of how collaborations are initiated, what hurdles were addressed (and how), which offices were critical, and the lessons learned from the partnerships which are discussed. The UIDP community attends general meetings […]