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UIDP Town Hall: Alternative Contracting Models (Upfront IP)

This town hall features established upfront IP programs such as MN-IP Create. The panel discussion features the results of UIDP’s Upfront IP Project by discussing the benefits and challenges that a university may encounter when establishing such a program and the considerations that a company should take into account when deciding whether or not to incur the cost of pre-negotiating foreground IP licensing terms. The town hall is for UIDP member representatives only.


UIDP Town Hall: IP Terms and Conditions in Sponsored Research Agreements

Those new to the world of industry sponsored research agreements (SRAs) will learn about where IP appears in an SRA and various approaches for handling background and foreground IP in multiple contexts, such as managing IP across various industries, IP preferences and constraints in public and private schools, and whether an upfront IP model or a public dedication model may be considered.


Template Agreements and the Challenges of One-Size-Fits-All

March 6, 2023 — It’s often said that if you’ve seen one sponsored research agreement, you’ve seen…one sponsored research agreement. But the argument is frequently made for template agreements as […]