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Tag Archives: intellectual property

Insights for Researcher Webinar Series | Managing Intellectual Property Issues

This session will focus on how to manage IP issues. This includes identifying the right person from the organization to deal with these issues, clearly identifying all BIP and anticipated IP, and more.


Collaboration Opportunities in Water Research: How Scientists Can Partner with Baxter (2020)

This webinar shares how to maximize the value of Intellectual Property (IP) via broad and deep patent strategies.


UIDP Webinar: Maximizing Value via Broad, Deep IP Strategies (2020)

This webinar shares how to maximize the value of Intellectual Property (IP) via broad and deep patent strategies.


UIDP Contracting Forum 2020: “The relationships are indispensable”

Why should a contracting pro attend UIDP’s Contracting Forum 2020? Jarrett Ellis, senior associate, Georgia Tech Research Corporation, tells us why. It's more than learning about the newest practices and trends from top practitioners. It's also about the relationships developed and nurtured at UIDP events. Could you or a colleague benefit from two days of [...] READ MORE

UIDP Contracting Forum Speaker Spotlight: Sophia Herbert-Peterson, Georgia Tech Research Corporation

Sophia Herbert-Peterson is director of industry contracting for Georgia Tech Research Corporation, the contracting entity for sponsored research at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She will present a session on foreground and background intellectual property at the UIDP Contracting Forum 2020. UIDP: What is one pearl of wisdom you wish you knew earlier in your [...] READ MORE

UIDP Contracting Forum Speaker Spotlight: Elizabeth Adams, Princeton University

Elizabeth H. Adams is director of the Office of Research and Project Administration at Princeton University. She will present sessions at UIDP Contracting Forum 2020 on master agreements, visiting scholar/research agreements and service agreements. UIDP: What are some of the benefits of master research agreements for industry and university partners? Adams: The first and perhaps [...] READ MORE

Propelling U.S. Manufacturing Competitiveness through Cybersecurity Innovations (2019)

During this informational webinar, Drs. Peng Liu and Jingjing Li of Penn State will discuss the focus of the institute, how it will be structured, and how your organization can join us in building a new university/industry collaboration to expand our ability to address evolving cybersecurity threats to greater energy efficiency in manufacturing industries, develop new cybersecurity technologies and methods, and share information and knowledge to the broader community of U.S. manufacturers.


Sony Research Award Program Webinar (2019)

UIDP will host an informative webinar about the Sony Research Award Program on Monday, July 22 from 1–1:45pm ET with 20 minutes of presentation and the rest for Q&A from the audience. Learn more about the award program, submission guidelines and application deadlines during Sony’s webinar with Mark Ortiz, the manager of the Strategy & Planning Office for Sony Corporation of America’s U.S. Research Center.


UIDP Webinar: Finding Order in Chaos

This webinar shares an approach for technical problem solving that efficiently and effectively identifies “out of the box” solutions.


Webinar: Other Research Results (ORR)

Save big by registering for the full series! This UIDP Academy series presents information and ideas from leading subject matter experts on tried, true, and new approaches to U-I contracting, with opportunities for Q&A and presenter interaction. Presenters will use the UIDP Contract Accords as practical guidance to help participants understand issues and collaborate more […]