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Meta Request for Research Proposals

April 18, 2022 | Meta Research has six RFP requests for university researcher consideration within the next several weeks. Please feel free to share this with appropriate colleagues in your organization. 2022 Privacy Enhancing Technologies Focus Areas: Privacy preserving analytics, Private record linkage and aggregation, Privacy preserving machine learning, Privacy of messaging, Anonymous credentials, Privacy […]


Call for Proposals: LG PRI Tech RFPs for University Researchers

LG PRI has three RFP requests for university research that UIDP is pleased to disseminate for consideration. Feel free to pass this information along to the relevant researchers in your institution. Please see the details in the chart below. For more information, including specs, please email, and cc:   Do you have opportunities […]


Facebook RFPs: Six opportunities with upcoming deadlines

Facebook Research has six RFP requests for university research to consider with listed deadlines within the next several weeks. Statistics for Improving Insights, Models, and Decisions Facebook is following up on the 2019 Statistics for Improving Insights and Decisions research awards to foster further innovation in this area and to deepen our collaborations with academia. […]