UIDP Contracting Webinar Series

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UIDP is offering a comprehensive, ten-part webinar series for members and non-members on contemporary issues and opportunities for effective negotiation of industry-sponsored research agreements (ISRAs).

This series is strategically designed to offer seasoned contracting professionals as well as novices, an opportunity to discuss a broad range of contracting issues. The basic sessions are specifically developed for researchers (industry bench scientists and students through to full professors) and those very new to ISRAs. The intermediate/advanced webinars will provide little background and address current strategies used by companies and universities for arriving at a successful outcome.

Quick and successful negotiation of ISRAs is one of the key objectives of university-industry collaborations. UIDP and its members have invested significant time and energy in developing a robust and comprehensive portfolio of contract accords to assist research administrators, researchers, and other key personnel in understanding and negotiating the various aspects and clauses of ISRAs.


Each session will be led by an academic and an industry practitioner who will share their perspectives and experiences on successful negotiation of ISRAs. An outstanding set of presenters have been assembled including:

  • Steve Harsy, University of Arizona
  • Mary Mansfield, UC, San Diego
  • Jennifer Ponting, Harvard University
  • Yogesh K. Sharma, Novartis
  • Stewart Tansley, Facebook
  • Heather Walsh, Baxter International, Inc.
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This UIDP Academy webinar series is divided into basic and advanced topics. Each 60-minute webinar will feature an academic and corporate presenter, a skilled moderator, and sufficient time allocated for Q&A. When appropriate, presenters will use the UIDP Contract Accords or other UIDP documents to help participants understand issues. View these tips to maximize your participation.


Purchase webinars individually or at a reduced package price. We encourage companies and universities to purchase a package and host viewing sessions so that multiple individuals can benefit from this series. All sessions will be recorded and available after the live session. 

Six Reasons to Attend

  1. Negotiating sponsored research agreements is one of the greatest challenges in U-I partnerships.
  2. The 10-part series was developed to benefit both experienced and novice professionals.
  3. Participants have adequate time to ask specific questions on any given topic.
  4. What you learned can be applied in your day-to-day work.
  5. There is an outstanding set of presenters and moderators ready to share their ISRA insights and experiences.
  6. Attendees can watch in a group and discuss how they would deal with contracting issues within their organization.