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UIDP Showcase Webinars

UIDP events provide a format for service providers to showcase their expertise and raise awareness of the value of tools and resources among our membership. In the absence of in-person meetings, UIDP Showcase Webinars are an attractive, alternative format for demonstrating the value of these products and services. They can fill this event sponsor niche virtually while maintaining messaging integrity and the high standards for quality content delivery our members expect.

These webinars will be publicly available and will reside on the UIDP website. If you are interested in a Showcase Webinar, contact us.

Showcase Webinar Features and Benefits

High-value touchpoints before, during, and after a UIDP Showcase Webinar (cost: $5,000/webinar)
PlatformWebinar platform with seats for up to 500 participants, allowing for presenters to screen-share slides, video, and software platforms.

UIDP event management makes it easy for you, with full-service registration and participant tracking.
PresentationUIDP will host the webinar and provide run-of-show moderator support, including:

• Practice webinar 3 to 5 days before the event;
• Introduction and speaker photo slides on UIDP template; and
• UIDP moderation of question-and-answer session.

You’re free to use your own branded slides for your content and invite a guest client to raise their profile, along with yours, in front of our audience.
MarketingUIDP offers its premium marketing package over one month. This includes:

• Social media sharable graphics (sized for Twitter and LinkedIn) for promotional use;
• 3 professionally-developed emails to our proprietary targeted members;
• 3 social media posts to the UIDP accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook;.

You’re equipped! Use UIDP marketing content with your lists and channels.
Recording and Contact Lists
UIDP will publicly post the webinar recording and archive it on the UIDP website for one year. Post-webinar benefits also include:

• Reminder email sent to registrants after webinar recording is posted (within 3 business days of webinar);
• UIDP will provide the sponsor a copy of the recording to use for future promotional purposes; and
• Registration list for one-time use, including name, company, and email address (explicit participant permission required for email addresses).

UIDP will also conduct a post-webinar survey and provide you the results. You can customize up to three (closed answer) questions on the survey.


To be successful, potential sponsors wishing to participate are expected to meet the following criteria:

  • Possess demonstrated knowledge of the interests and needs of the UIDP community. This can be accomplished through participation in prior events (to include webinars) or through strategic relationship with a UIDP member who uses and recommends the services/tools they wish to showcase.
  • Commit to a focus on member interest and alignment of commonly-held goals.
  • Complete a UIDP Showcase Webinar application. Applications will be reviewed by UIDP for appropriateness of content and to ensure there’s a high enough level of interest in the content among our membership. The application is simple and gives the UIDP the needed information to effectively evaluate the merits of a potential webinar.
  • Submit slides for approval one week in advance of the webinar. Prior experience shows that having a one-week lead time to review materials increases the potential benefits from any webinar presentation.
  • Case examples and demos are strongly encouraged. Webinar attendees highly value seeing real-world examples of how your products/services have helped others achieve their desired results.
  • Co-presenting with a current customer that our members can identify with is strongly encouraged. Having third party testimonials is a powerful way to convey the value of your tools.

Upcoming UIDP Webinars

  • 5/14/24
    U.S. Federal Legislative Update

    Learn more about the current state of affairs in Washington, D.C. to include pending and passed legislative activity, trending regulatory topics, and how your organization can leverage these current opportunities. This webinar is for UIDP member representatives only.