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March 27, 2019
1:00 pm EDT
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Webinar: Background Intellectual Property

March 27, 2019 @ 1:00 pm EDT

Intellectual property terms are a key component of university-industry partnerships. Research may lead to the discovery of new or foreground intellectual property but may also require access to or use of background intellectual property that is owned or controlled by the one of the partners or by a third party. The parties need to understand and address the possibilities of background intellectual property being needed for conduct of the research or for practice of resulting foreground intellectual property. This session will address various aspects of identification and ownership of, access to, control and use of background intellectual property along with practical considerations and related in a sponsored research agreement.


Background Intellectual Property Webinar
Member: $150 / Non-member: $300

10-Webinar Series
Member: $900 / Non-member: $1,900

See the full UIDP Contracting Webinar Series schedule here.


Mary Mansfield
Principal Contract Officer, Office of Contract and Grant Administration | University of California, San Diego

Mary Mansfield is a Principal Contract Officer in UC San Diego’s Office of Contract and Grant Administration, handling primarily contracts for incoming federal and industry funding to researchers in all departments of Engineering. She has been at UCSD for 4 ½ years. Mary is a member of the California Bar and enjoys reading novels and fostering kittens.


Darin Bartholomew
Senior IP Counsel | Deere & Company

Darin Bartholomew is Senior Intellectual Property Counsel at John Deere, where he handles development, software and technology agreements with universities, corporations, and other entities. In particular, he addresses software licensing and open-source software matters, among other things. Darin is admitted to practice law in Illinois and enjoys playing tennis or watching Northwestern play football when he is not negotiating contracts. The views expressed in any presentation or webinar only represent the presenter’s views, and not John Deere’s view or position on any matter.


Barclay Satterfield
External Innovation Leader | Eastman Chemical Company

Barclay Satterfield is a UIDP Board member and the external innovation site leader for Eastman Chemical Company. She manages an office on the NC State University Centennial Campus that supports the execution of two multi-year research partnerships with NC State and with UNC. In this role, Barclay’s team members connect industry and university researchers to drive collaborative engagement. Prior to joining Eastman in 2013, Barclay performed life cycle assessment studies as a consultant and was a Science Policy Fellow in the American Chemical Society’s Office of Public Affairs. Barclay earned her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University and her B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Yale University.

About the Series

UIDP Academy presents a ten-part webinar series on contemporary issues and opportunities for effective negotiation of industry-sponsored research agreements (ISRAs). This series is strategically designed to offer seasoned contracting professionals, as well as novices and others who just want to learn more about the general issues affecting ISRA negotiations, an opportunity to discuss a broad range of contracting matters.

Information and ideas from leading subject matter experts are presented on tried, true, and new approaches, with opportunities for Q&A and presenter interaction. When appropriate, presenters will use the UIDP Contract Accords as practical guidance to help participants understand issues and collaborate more effectively.

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