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Host a Regional UIDP Event Copy

UIDP works with its members to host events right in their own communities, that consider the local innovation ecosystem and the current state of academic-corporate engagement. Each event is tailored to meet the needs of hosts and attendees, and care is invested in developing an agenda to create value for all involved.

Why host?

Hosting a UIDP event:
  • is a great opportunity to showcase your institution and raise the visibility of your programs among dozens of top-tier universities and international companies.
  • helps to support and advance U-I relations, establishing you as a driver of new ideas and collaboration, and as a valued resource in the U-I space.
  • offers opportunities to connect with thought leaders across many different disciplines, expands the reach of your organization, and provides productive partnership opportunities.
  • helps to deepen existing partnerships and develop new ones

What’s involved?

  • Generally, six months lead time
  • A central location that can accommodate generally 50–60 participants for
    a half or full day
  • Working with UIDP to develop an appropriate program. Topic examples include:
    • Local data summary and analysis provided by Elsevier
    • National/global perspective on current U-I matters provided by UIDP
    • Local roundtable discussion on the innovation ecosystem
    • Table discussions on access to capital, workforce development, and retention,
      and research partnerships
  • UIDP will work with the host to assist with costs such as catering and/or reception
  • The host is welcomed to solicit sponsorships to offset costs