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Host a Regional UIDP Event

UIDP offers a comprehensive set of diverse event offerings to meet the needs of its members. Local/regional events are one such gathering and are developed and offered when interested parties seek to host one of these meetings in their own communities. Each program is tailored to meet the needs of hosts and attendees, and care is invested in developing an agenda to create value for all involved.

Prior UIDP regional meetings have been held in great communities including Irvine (CA), Pasadena (CA), Pittsburgh (PA), Raleigh (NC), New York, and outside the United States in London (UK).

Details Involved

  • Space. An attractive location that accommodates 50–100 participants.
  • Length. Half to full day.
  • Program. Developed to address contemporary needs of the region. Examples include:
    • Regional assessment. In select markets, UIDP works to offer a high level summary and analysis.
    • Government update. An overview of current government initiatives that the local community can leverage to advance its interests.
    • Local innovation ecosystem. Organize a diverse set of local experts to discuss the contemporary environment.
    • Technical strengths. Regional efforts to bolster specific technical thrusts of importance to the community.
    • Talent. The role of developing, recruiting, and retaining talent to bolster the region’s efforts.
  • Participants. Hosts partner with UIDP to identify academic, corporate, government, and nonprofit representatives to participate.
  • Financials. UIDP works with the host to assist with costs; the host is welcomed to solicit sponsorships to offset costs.

Based on our experience, we have identified several success elements for these events:

  • Dedicated partner or partners who will champion the event and promote it with their contacts;
  • Recognized speaker to keynote the program, often from a national funding agency;
  • Appealing location; and
  • Critical mass of UIDP member organizations in the region.

Please contact us if you are interested in exploring this opportunity.


“Thanks for bringing regional folks together to interact!” – Barclay Satterfield, Eastman Chemical

“Always learn something new, always get to meet new and interesting like-minded people!” – Tom Kneen, Cisco

“It was great to have an event in our region, especially focused on our local universities and industry.” – Kevin Sullivan, Shaw University

“UIDP’s regional event hosted at Caltech was a great opportunity for us to address issues impacting academic-corporate collaboration with corporate partners and universities in the Southern California area. We find that regional UIDP events are particularly effective because they provide convenient and easy-to-attend forums where we can discuss and find better ways to partner.” – John Kastanas, Caltech

Materials from Past Events

RTP Regional Assembly (2022)

Competing for the Future: Research and Development (Pittsburgh, 2021)