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World Without Waste: A Circular Bioeconomy | Workshop Lessons Learned Copy

Discover key learnings and research recommendations from the NSF-funded UIDP workshop: World Without Waste: A Circular Bioeconomy.


World Without Waste: A Circular Bioeconomy

This invitation-only workshop is intended to convene stakeholders from multiple sectors and disciplines to design a future of circular bioeconomy that is innovative, economical, and sustainable.


BASF invites UIDP members to innovate

UIDP member BASF hosts an Open Innovation page where it invites researchers to innovate with BASF. Three areas in which BASF seeks research partnerships are for digitalization startups, agriculture, and personal care (specific programs are open for proposals at various times). Do you have an RFP or partnership opportunity to share? Please let us know […]


What makes a good collaborative partnership at the U-I interface?

UIDP releases two new partnership videos in which member reps share how their strategic partnerships began and continue to flourish today At UIDP26 in April, we took the opportunity to sit down with a few member reps to discuss two real-life U-I engagements in action: how they began, what they look like today, and how […]