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COVID-19 Lessons Learned: Collaboration Needed at All Levels, and a Path to Getting There

By Tevi Troy, in collaboration with UIDP Going into the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, it would be inaccurate to say that the U.S. was completely unprepared. The truth is that U.S. policy makers long had plans for how to respond to a dangerous new pathogen, and three layers of defense – international monitoring, testing, and […]


UIDP Webinar | Infectious Disease Intelligence: Predicting the Next Pandemic

Can we predict the emergence and spillover of infectious diseases like Ebola or COVID-19? Hear experts from UGA and the Center for the Ecology of Infectious Disease discuss how modeling can be used to inform decisions and the need for academic-corporate partnerships.


UIDP Survey | 2021 Forecast: Internships and Investment in Sponsored Research (2021)

Early in 2020, UIDP surveyed its members about workforce and talent development plans and the anticipated issues and barriers caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite rapid development of vaccines, the fate of the 2021 round of student internships and co-op programs is top of mind for professionals managing these programs. Economic factors could also affect […]


COVID-19 makes the case: Lower research barriers

By Anthony Boccanfuso On January 20, before COVID-19 even had a name, a research consortium publicly posted the virus’s genome with a message to researchers to download, share, use, and analyze the data. In 10 weeks, the first vaccine, developed by the University of Oxford and Moderna, began Phase 1 trial. Last month, that vaccine [...] READ MORE

UIDP Webinar | Today’s Reality: Universities and Industry Engagement (2020)

Learn how universities are rapidly adapting to the current realities through their corporate partnerships.


UIDP Webinar: Student Hiring and Internships During a Time of Uncertainty (2020)

Learn how COVID-19 is affecting ongoing employment, student co-ops, internships, and hiring practices.