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Company R&D Investment: How Data Insights Can Fuel U-I Collaborations

Oct. 24, 2023—Despite pandemic shutdowns and resulting economic stagnation, the Business Enterprise Research and Development (BERD) survey from the National Science Foundation shows that business R&D performance topped $600 billion […]


Balancing and Assessing Open Access with U-I Partnerships in Mind

July 17, 2023 — Federal policy on research impacts all facets of the research ecosystems, from organizations–universities and companies—to individuals (students and policymakers). Awareness of the policies and their potential […]


Center for Computational Biotechnology and Genomic Medicine (CCBGM): An NSF Industry-University Cooperative Research Center Webinar

The Center for the Science of Heterogeneous Additive Printing of 3D Materials (SHAP3D) will present in a free webinar, describing how it brings the innovation research capabilities of leading universities to serve the diverse interests of industry, government, and academia to address fundamental research challenges to meet the commercial needs of industry for heterogeneous 3D printing of materials.