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UIDP 1-Minute Survey | Importance of Gaining Corporate Experience

How important is it for those studying in STEM fields to gain formal corporate experience before leaving college? We asked UIDP members about a range of different experiences: lengthy, formal experiences like full-semester internships; formal, short experiences, like micro-mentorships; and informal experiences, like industry presentations to student groups or career fair discussions. Download the results. […]


UIDP Webinar: Student Hiring and Internships During a Time of Uncertainty (2020)

Learn how COVID-19 is affecting ongoing employment, student co-ops, internships, and hiring practices.


UIDP Project Summit 2018 in Mobile, AL

Our Project Summits are two-day, working group meetings providing opportunities for members to engage with each other and advance UIDP project objectives. As an organization of problem solvers, we work together to tackle the most challenging issues impacting U-I relations, through creative problem-solving.