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1-Minute Survey | Virtual University-Industry Visits

University-industry visits are an integral aspect of forging and maintaining productive research collaborations. The transition to remote work has reshaped the way these collaborations work. As a means for developing and maintaining relationships, some companies and universities have transitioned away from all visits being in person to some visits being virtual. UIDP is exploring this […]


1-Minute Survey | Time to Agreement for U-I Sponsored Research

Two researchers—one from academia and the other from industry—meet around shared research interests and decide to pursue collaboration. How long does it take to get to a negotiated, signed sponsored research agreement? The 2012 UIDP publication The Researcher Guidebook: A Guide for Successful Institutional-Industrial Collaborations begins with this real-life scenario. The “long and convoluted process” […]


UIDP Projects Survey | Size of Academic R&D Investments from Industry

Companies with a keen interest in collaborative research have limited information upon which to base investment levels in external R&D efforts. Although government investment in research is well documented, similar investment from industry is not fully known. UIDP is exploring a benchmarking project to better understand the levers used to determine investment in university-industry research. […]


UIDP 1-Minute Survey | Role of Alumni in Advancing University-Industry Partnerships

Alumni can be instrumental in strengthening relationships across the university-industry (U-I) engagement spectrum . For example, Zaib And Amir Husain, alumni tech entrepreneurs, donated $5 million in 2020 to launch a machine learning laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin to house a new NSF-funded ArtificiaI Intelligence Institute, and the University of Florida’s AI […]