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1-Minute Survey | Industry Involvement in University Curriculum Development

UIDP Fellow Jim Spohrer contributed to this report. Companies, foundations, and other organizations have a long history of working with universities to establish new and important curriculum areas, ranging from whole schools and departments to focused degrees and courses. Formal mechanisms and processes to establish new curriculum areas range from generous targeted endowments to recruiting [...] READ MORE

Project Survey | Joint Solicitations: Industry Participation in Government Investments in Academic Research

Companies and universities have a longstanding history of working collaboratively on precompetitive research, and there are various mechanisms for companies and universities to partner. In many countries, government plays an active role in catalyzing these activities by directly or indirectly funding university-industry research efforts. With increased interest in solving large-scale, global challenges, there is a strong […]


UIDP Projects Survey | Size of Academic R&D Investments from Industry

Companies with a keen interest in collaborative research have limited information upon which to base investment levels in external R&D efforts. Although government investment in research is well documented, similar investment from industry is not fully known. UIDP is exploring a benchmarking project to better understand the levers used to determine investment in university-industry research. […]


UIDP 1-Minute Survey | Engagement with DOE National Labs

UIDP member organizations across the spectrum have an interest in partnering with Department of Energy National Labs. The 17 labs possess tremendous resources, ranging from specialized instruments and facilities and to world-class researchers and technologies. UIDP fielded a survey of its U.S.-based members to learn about their experiences with these partnerships. UIDP also hosted several […]


UIDP 1-Minute Survey | Reorganizing Corporate Engagement Offices

A number of universities have reorganized their corporate engagement offices in the past several years to centralize operations and with an eye towards an enhanced customer experience. UIDP was interested to learn about our member representatives’ experiences with reorganization–whether they’re part of a university that does corporate engagement or an industry member representative that engages […]