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UIDP25 – Daily Recap

Tuesday, Sept. 26th, 2017, Detroit, MI  Yesterday we heard from two panels of University and Industry representatives on how U-I collaboration can benefit state and regional economic progress. Our panelists discussed their personal experience with government support of U-I collaboration and the resulting successes of these partnerships. Look out for details in the full meeting recap. […]


UIDP Academy: Measuring Value Workshop

In this workshop, we will hear from industry and company representatives who have developed measurement systems to show the value of their partnerships as well as demonstrate and communicate the value they create to their larger community ecosystems.


UIDP Academy: Large Value Partnerships Workshop

Large University-Corporate partnerships are often in the news, but what went into building them? And is the value proposition to my organization worth pursuing? In this workshop, we will have some of the architects of these partnerships discuss how they came about and what went into their development.


UIDP25: Conference in Detroit, MI

Michigan’s University Research Corridor will host UIDP25, our semi-annual conference, at Wayne State University. Two workshops, presentations and panel discussions, and plenty of U-I networking opportunities await.