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Tag Archives: University of Georgia

Innovation in the Bioeconomy Feeding the Planet Sustainably

Discover key learnings and research recommendations from the NSF-funded UIDP workshop: Feeding the Planet Sustainably.


Feeding the Planet Sustainably

This invitation-only workshop is intended to identify partnership strategies for how basic research can lead to innovations that support a new agricultural bioeconomy.


UIDP Webinar | Infectious Disease Intelligence: Predicting the Next Pandemic

Can we predict the emergence and spillover of infectious diseases like Ebola or COVID-19? Hear experts from UGA and the Center for the Ecology of Infectious Disease discuss how modeling can be used to inform decisions and the need for academic-corporate partnerships.


Assessing the Biological Degradation, Compostability and End-of-Life Fates of Plastics | An NSF Industry University Cooperative Research Center Webinar

This webinar will provide an overview of the latest technical understanding, methods and industrial implications associated with various ways to assess the end-of-life fate of plastics.