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Oxford UIDP Summit

Bringing together global businesses, top universities and leading policymakers from both sides of the Atlantic to explore new, better ways to partner.


The UIDP Event Experience: UIDP Oxford Summit

Fresh, innovative thinking—that’s what attendees take away from a UIDP conference. More than 150 thought leaders convened at Oxford University in July 2019 to network and improve U-I partnerships. Hear [...] READ MORE

UIDP Academy: Academic-Corporate Collaborations and the Future of Work at the Human-Technology Frontier

This session will explore the role that academic-corporate collaborations can play in supporting FW-HTF initiative and add key insights into the future of work.


UIDP Academy Workshops at the University of Oxford

Take advantage of this opportunity to attend two UIDP Academy Workshops and stay overnight at historic Keble College at the University of Oxford.


UIDP Academy: The Future of Academic-Corporate Consortia

This workshop will consider prior experiences, evaluate current wants from the various players (companies, government, non-profits, and universities) supporting these consortia, and what changes can be made to enhance interest in these programs and bolster impact.


UIDP Academy: Developing Effective Strategic Roadmaps

For many companies, academic institutions are a key component to their roadmapping. This Pre-Summit workshop will incorporate case studies of the roamapping exercise.