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Beyond Sponsorships: Opportunities for Service Providers

UIDP membership is limited to qualified university and industry organizations, but service providers can play a role, too. They contribute tools and resources that help our members perform daily tasks and are part of the larger UIDP community.

There are many ways service providers can engage with UIDP.



Event Participation

UIDP Events offer a range of opportunities for service providers to engage with us. You can:

Partner with us on a Webinar or Publication

We offer several options to fit your needs:

  • Conduct a UIDP Premium Webinar. Take advantage of this custom option to share information and ideas that are relevant to the academic and corporate sectors and other interested parties. Learn more.
  • Present a UIDP Showcase Webinar. More than just webinar sponsorship or a topical presentation, service providers can showcase their expertise and raise awareness of the value of tools and resources among our membership by presenting a UIDP Showcase Webinar. In the absence of in-person meetings, this is an attractive, alternative format for demonstrating the value of your products and services. See the details.
  • Co-author a publication. UIDP can work with you to design and field a survey of our members, and can partner on research or other content publication that’s of interest to our members. Contact us to learn more.

In addition to these options, UIDP is pleased to discuss your ideas for creative ways to work together to achieve mutual goals. Just contact us.

Want to engage more deeply? Consider becoming a UIDP Community Partner.

Upcoming UIDP Webinars

  • 5/14/24
    U.S. Federal Legislative Update

    Learn more about the current state of affairs in Washington, D.C. to include pending and passed legislative activity, trending regulatory topics, and how your organization can leverage these current opportunities. This webinar is for UIDP member representatives only.